Arkimya , was founded in 1969, in Istanbul , as the first petroleum jelly manufacturer of Turkey. Our company’s first goal , whose principle continuous development and changes, have always been, being one step forward. Accordingly, in 2009, our Factory moved to Izmir, which is a very strategical location in terms of Raw Material supply and logistics. Beside petroleum jelly and paraffin waxes manufacturing, investment completed and opened facilities of cosmetics industry personel care production line equipped full automatic machinery and state of art technology, in 2015.

Arkimya, by means of customer satisfaction oriented and quality concious approach, having completed certification periods and has been awarded GMP certificate as well as ISO9001:2008 quality management certificates. Also, our company fullfilled requirements of REACH registration and Submission reports has been taken.

As a leading registered trade mark “ARKİMYA” , together with domestic market, serving in Europe, Middle East, African, South and Central American markets over 80 countries, to Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, soap, personel care, candle, rubber industries etc.. for almost 50 years, also proudly presented , its personel care depilation products registered marks “Meliswax” and “AGS Life” to the markets.

With the spirit of continuos investment network, in also depilation wax products , increased market share rapidly. Exports to Germany, made our brands and quality accepted in all Europe, with the marketing strategies targetting World markets like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Turkic Republics, Middle east, Africa.. proceeding succesfully on its way to make “Meliswax” and “AGS Life” as Global Brands.